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Weirdo Skateboards - Cast and Crew DVD Party
"Just dig a hole that's deep enough, and pretty soon everyone will want to jump into it."
Pat Hat with Rebus Keneebus - The Firesign Theatre
demarcus james boneless heads weirdo wtf steinlein group dvd viewing weirdo wtf steinlein lance ebert jojo heffington double trouble weirdo wtf steinlein group shot weirdo bowl wtf steinlein

Weirdo Field Agents: Bath Salt Tour 2012 Trailer
It's here to eat your face!

Weirdo Field Agents: Suddenly, Last Summer

Hello everybody! We here at WEIRDO are stoked to ramp it up again gonzo style (whatever that's supposed to mean) with the next bucket of high-test exploitative media piss.

Taking a look back is sometimes an OK thing, when I did, right next to my shadow were dim frames of light. The memories of what we all have done, for better or worse. I also got some on my leg...anyhow

JoJo Heffington Backside Ollie Skull LCRSP
Demarcus James Frontside Boost Chilibowl
Tom Max Chilibowl
JoJo Heffington Front Rock Beamer
Demarcus James Space Leap Chilibowl

Jason Jessee Stops by the WTF
to Borrow A Cup of Buttery Trannies

A handful of Weirdo Training Facility (WTF) regulars were pleasantly surprised when Jason Jessee and a few of his photographer buddies stopped by to shoot some pics and film for some upcoming promo media that they are working on. If you've yet to meet any of them, they are all cool dudes, and we here at Weirdo are stoked to help them. It made for a "magical" (used in the absolutely gayest sense of the word) weekday afternoon, and later we were all left to wonder, "Don't all you guys gotta be somewhere?"

Well remember kids, staying out of a full time job, is a full time job...

Jason Jessee Visit
Jason Jessee Visit
Jason Jessee Visit
Jason Jessee Visit
Jason Jessee

Weirdo Field Agents Ruin the Environment at Lake Tahoe
Re-Terror 3 Dominated by the "SICKNESS"

Re-Terror 3

Hat's off to Weirdo Field Agents Demarcus James and Jason Richardson for putting the hurt, and some fresh pine scent, on the Re-Terror 3 Contest at Pat Splatt's Ramp in Lake Tahoe. Both took First Place in their respective divisions, on a mountain mission in which the clean alpine air could have easily killed them!
Re-Terror 3
Re-Terror 3
Re-Terror 3
Re-Terror 3

Holy Fucking Shit - Skate the Lake - The Full Pipe: Part - 2
is a HUGE Success, AGAIN!!!

Skate the Lake Skate the Lake Skate the Lake Skate the Lake
We here at Weirdo are happier than a "dog with two of his favorite body parts" about the overall awesomeness of the Full Pipe Contest we held at the Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park this summer. It was definitely a Summer in Hell Day in San Jo' and a goodly amount of our good for nothing friends were there!

There were no age divisions so as to keep it simple, just a good old fashioned local skatepark contest. Vert Masters Mitchell Mendez, Jeff "Ffej" Hedges, Gary Boodt, and Jason Richardson all entered, and totally tore it a new one, yikes!!! These guys have been on a COMPLETE TEAR this year, and for that, it's a special year for all of us. They did fine; keeping up with young whippersnappers like Shane Sullivan, Kevin Reynolds, Brad Barberi, Rowan Thunder, and the like. It's hopeful to see some youngsters taking an interest in the Big Vert, as it's definitely an acquired taste!

Weirdo Riders Thomas Beeson and Lance Ebert were also in the house, rocking it with their always unique approaches to skateboarding. Amongst other things...


Skate the Lake

Just In: NEW Weirdo Decks

We here at Weirdo are proud to announce the arrival of these excellent new additions to our line up of fine decks, featuring new shapes and graphics that are sure to please. Weirdo Artist - Joey Vela (left) and Head Weirdo - Tom Augusta (right) snapped these shots after unpacking the goodies at the Weirdo Training Facility (WTF). They will be made available immediately.
2012 decks
2012 decks

Holy Fucking Shit - Barge the Lake - A HUGE Success!!!

Barge the Lake
We here at Weirdo are absolutely ecstatic about the first leg of our contest series with the Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park and Skidmark Magazine! The turnout was the best ever, the skating was intense, and the good old San Jose HEAT was absolutely relentless. HUGE THANKS to the Skaters, the Bands, the Sponsors and the Fans that made it all possible.

Check out this cool video of the event (above) by cameraman and esteemed colleague David Dusterberg.

You can also see more photos and catch a write up of the event in the Sept. 2012 Issue of Skidmark Skate Magazine, on sale now at!

Here are the contest results:


1. Mitchell Mendez
2. Jojo Heffington
3. Jeff "Ffej" Hedges


1. Katherine Folsom
2. Evelyn May Abad
3. Patty Fung


1. Keegan Root
2. Lance Ebert
3. Rowan Thunder

WEIRDO on Skidmark Skate Magazine

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